October 20, 2019 – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The readings of today present to us the importance of perseverance especially in our prayers.  In the first reading, Moses held his hands raised up until the Israelites won the war.  In the Gospel, the widow kept pestering the unjust judge until he gave in to her request.  Paul in the second reading encouraged Timothy to persevere in good work.

Dearest sisters and brothers, in the context of today’s fast-moving world made possible by technology, perseverance in life, especially in our prayer, is a challenge for each of us.  The virtue of perseverance and patience is lacking today.  We live in a world where “we want instant relief, quick action, prompt service, and instant product.”  Everything we want today must be given to us now.  No one has the ability anymore to wait.

Yet from Moses and the widow of the parable, God reminds us that patience and perseverance is a true sign of faith in Him.  Through those virtues, we live out the truth that everything depends on God’s timing which is always the best.  “As we pray, our frame of reference changes from self-reliance to a complete dependence on God”.

Prayer is a privilege given to us as creatures.  To pray is to acknowledge the importance of God in our lives and praying always means living constantly in God’s presence.  Spiritual progress is time consuming and we need to be working on it every second of our lives without given up.  Spiritual perfection is not an “instant coffee”.

Also, the readings remind us of the importance of supporting each other in prayer and actions.  It is true the Israelites won their battle against the Amalekites; however, Moses needed the support of Aaron and Hur for his weary hands to be steady.  In the same way, we need the support of each other in our spiritual journey.  And we can do that through prayers and actions.

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