September 29, 2019 – Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s readings, we are presented with the fundamental truth about our lives.  We are created by God and only for Himself.  Everything we do in this life must conform to that one single truth.  In the first reading, Paul reminds Timothy to “lay hold of eternal life to which he is called”, meaning that all his works must have eternal life with God in view.  It is this truth that the rich man in the gospel “who dresses in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day” forgot.

For the rich man, life on earth was simply an end to be enjoyed to its fullness.  There is no other life after it.  Unfortunately, he only discovered the truth too late when he hadn’t time to make amends.  It is this truth about life that each of us is called to reflect upon.  It is not a coincidence that today we live in a society that has all the temptations that trapped the rich man in his luxury.

I tend to think about all the luxury and innovations we have at our beck and call today:  the entertainment, the gadgets, and the wealth that inebriates and inundates our lives every day.  Samsung has launched its 10+ and Apple few weeks ago its latest iPhone 11.  Our film and entertainment industries:  the drama series, like The Game of the Thrones; the Netflix films like Black Panther, Aviator and others, have the power to keep us in our comfort zone.  Today we talk about artificial intelligence, internet of things, augmented reality, etc.

While they make life easier and help us to relax and do our stuff, think about what their abuses have done to our psyche and spiritual life.  Can we still manage time for some moments of spiritual quietude and silence?  While in the Church, some divide their attention between their phone messages and the Eucharist.  At home, we are treated to wild orgies that fill our television stations.

Dearest sisters and brothers, it is important to remind ourselves that the rich did not end up in hell because of wealth but how he used it.  He never had time for God and spiritual silence was a taboo for him because he spent his entire life feasting.  He never knew that Lazarus was in need because all of his attention was on himself.

Let us pause for one moment to ask ourselves:  What do I spent my time and resources on?  Am I aware of people around me who need my help?  Remember, your eternal salvation depends on that.